Race Day Info

Tomahawk MX Race Day Information

Are you new to racing and need to know what goes on during a race weekend?
Or maybe you just need a reminder about race weekend procedures?

Well everything you could possibly want to know about a race weekend at Tomahawk MX is listed here!

Race sign-up times are as follows:

7:00am - Gates Open and Sign Up
8:15am - Church Service
8:30am - Riders Meeting
9:00am - Practice
10:00am - Race

*If a race is going to start at a time other than 10am, an announcement will be made on the homepage.

Costs for a race weekend are generally as follows:

$15 gate fee entry
$30 practice fee
$35 race fee per class

*Prices are subject to change for certain events. Announcements will be made on website if race prices differ from what is posted above.


  • Overnight camping is allowed at anytime free of charge. If you are need of a hotel, check out our "Directions" page for links to great hotels in the area. Gates will stay open around the clock after Thursday 4pm of the race weekend.
  • Concessions are usually available on practice and race weekends.
  • AMA cards are required to race at Tomahawk MX. If you need to purchase a card, this can be done at the track anytime during the race weekend. MDRA cards are only required during MDRA race weekends. One-day MDRA ride passes and memberships are sold on MDRA race weekends. District cards are not required.
  • Practice order on the day before any race is usually broken down as follows: A class, B class, C class, 80cc's, 60cc's, and 50cc's. Each group receives 15-20 minutes of practice time on the track throughout the day. Practice on a day before a race usually takes place from 10am to 4pm.
  • We now have new touch-screen monitors to be used for race sign-up. Riders will enter themselves in as many classes as they wish using the touch-screens, and then will pay for the classes entered immediately following their sign-up. This will take place at the race sign-up trailer, located directly behind of the starting gate.
  • All persons entering Tomahawk MX must sign our waiver and release forms and shall abide by the rules that we have posted upon your entry through the main gate. Read these rules carefully as breaking them will result in your expulsion from the track. Remember: anyone riding a motor vehicle MUST wear a helmet and there is to be absolutely NO ALCOHOL!