TMX Defense Fund

Tomahawk MX Defense Fund

Dear Tomahawk MX supporters,

I want to thank everyone who came out to our meeting Monday night. It was a big win for our motocross community. We are now recognized by Berkeley county as an official motocross park. one that is not only open for business, but is also in compliance with all county regulations. We are now able to go forth with expansions. We've been at the county's mercy for 3 years, unable to make changes. We can now put in some permanent fixtures. The changes you'll be seeing in the next year will be very important for our riders and families. We're excited with the outcome. We are constantly working with county officials, and they like working with us. They understand that our services are widely needed. Our kids can come out to a place where they are constantly around adult supervision and a healthy environment. Not to mention its very good exercise.

We thank everyone who contributed to our defense fund. No matter what the size of your contribution, every penny is greatly appreciated. The contributors are the reason why our business is still operating. We keep our defense fund open in order to protect your right to ride. When houses build around an existing course, it's always a bad outcome. For the riders, we are able to keep 3 lawyers working with us in order to keep Tomahawk MX a permanent riding area. We also worked with the AMA and used their government resources to help ensure your riding time is protected.

Thanks for all the support from everyone who chooses Tomahawk MX to ride.

In gratitude,

Chad G.