Track Info

NOTICE: QUADS cannot ride the main track on Sundays. However, the trails and the quad track are open to them.

All persons entering Tomahawk MX must sign our waiver and release forms and shall abide by the rules that we have posted upon your entry through the main gate. Read these rules carefully as breaking them will result in your expulsion from the track. Remember: anyone riding a motor vehicle MUST wear a helmet and there is to be absolutely NO ALCOHOL!

TMX provides 3 tracks and 8 miles of Hare Scrambles for our customers. Enjoy our Main track, Supercross Track, and Quad Track. There is fun at TMX for every rider, every age, and every skill level.

Effective April 1, 2010:

Members:   $25.00
Non-Members:   $50.00
Spectators:   $3.00

Become a TMX Member & Save Some bucks!

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Membership Information

Effective March 15th, 2006, Tomahawk will be offering annual memberships to our Riders. The membership fee will be $50. Once you have paid the annual membership fee, you will be entitled to ride at Tomahawk for $25/day. Non Members riding fees will be $50/day.

On the day you join, if we are having a $10 member ride day, you will NOT be eligible THAT day for the discount. You will pay the regular $25 member ride fee. You will be eligible for the next $10 ride day.

NEW: Annual unlimited riding memberships can now be purchased for $750 each.

Some Membership Perks:

  • Special ride days for members at $10 for an all day ride
  • Members only opportunity to watch factory teams practice at TMX


Note: You do not have to be a member to ride. It's just cheaper that way & you will get special ride days at BIG discounts.

Remember: TMX strictly enforces the 99db(A) regulation for all Exhaust Systems. If you're too loud, you can't ride!

Required Gear:

To ride on ANY tracks at Tomahawk you will need helmet, riding boots, long sleeve shirt, long pants, gloves, and goggles. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.